SixFigureMentors Business Platform

All Your Online Marketing Requirements:

Making money online, or internet marketing, is a business, and like any business, online or offline, it takes time, effort and determination to make it work, especially in the early days. But like any business, trade or profession, you can learn how to do it.

If you take the time to learn these new skills, and apply them, it is possible to generate a genuinely fantastic income giving you both the money and the time to do the things you really want to do with your life!

Any Product You Want to Offer:

SixFigureMentors provides a comprehensive and universal resource centre for all your online marketing needs, catering for experienced internet marketers to anyone just starting in the business.

  • The Step by Step instructions guide you through the set-up process for your platform from which you can market any opportunity or product you please.

  • Monthly membership of only $97 will cover the website hosting, wordpress (website) subscriptions and payment processing (Note : there is an additional cost to subscribe to Awebber autoresponder as this is best of breed.)

  • Cherry pick from scores of product and opportunities with more added as we become aware and “High ticket” items becoming available to promote for yourself and to earn income from. OR add your own!

  • SFM affiliates earn affiliate income from the tools that are used in the SFM “platform”.

  • Landing pages, bootcamps and value add follow-ups are all provided.

  • Live training and webinars provided by some of the world’s most successful internet marketers.

  • Ongoing development to ensure that SixFigureMentors remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

SFM is an exciting opportunity in itself as an affiliate program that you can share with your friends and colleagues in business and help to grow the SixFigureMentors Community.

But not only that it is platform, or rather a springboard, from which to launch all your products and opportunities.

So if you want to start your journey now then just fill in the form to request the 7 Day Bootcamp and you will be sent the information you need to start.

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