Network Marketing Today :

The Sharing vs Selling Debate

Where are we with Network Marketing today?

Network Marketers are now much more professional and about how they go about it, so in turn people are more open towards it, though there is still some suspicion. There is a fear of scams and general uneasiness with "get rich quick" and pyramid schemes which this e-book addresses.

At this time generally people are still quite ignorant about Network Marketing and above all else people just don't like being sold to. People also think you have to sell to be successful.

So How Did You First Meet Your Opportunity?

Somewhere along the line someone did a fairly good job of “selling” to you if you have already joined up, or if you are not yet committed then at least they persuaded you enough to read visit this website!

Did you trust that person? Were they sincere? Did you feel you were being sold to?

My first experience of Network Marketing was to be invited by an old school friend to a hotel meeting after being drawn in with talk of potentially making serious amounts of money.

They were doing Network Marketing the traditional way (this was before – writing a list of people they knew, working their warm market and inviting people along to business opportunity meetings, while giving as little away as possible. Exactly as they had been taught.

Anyone Can Do This!

I went along to a couple of meetings and when they explained MLM I was totally convinced that this was the way to go. Surely everyone I know will be interested in hearing this...if only they would come to a meeting!

With due respect, my friend had not been an exceptional achiever at school but he was focused, committed and working with some success. His attitude was very positive and inspiring.

"Share the Product In Order To Share The Opportunity"

Network Marketing is a teaching and sharing business, not selling! That is what we were told.

My friends had a sincere desire to make money and be successful. So too were they totally sincere in wanting to share this opportunity with their friends and family. People they cared about.

What they were doing was sharing information and letting me make a decision so that I decided to commit myself. You could say that that was just good salesmanship!

What Is The Difference?

Now with e-mail and the internet it is easier to communicate and share that information.

So what is the difference, if there is one? In Network Marketing today there is an acceptance that it is a sales business. Money transacts and goods change hands or services are provided.

Selling is something a lot of people just don’t enjoy. No-one likes facing rejection, even if it is the product or opportunity they are rejecting and not you. An unpleasant experience is not something you would want to share with anyone, yet alone my friends and family!

Yet a lot of people work in shops and stores without any issues!

They ask “Can I help you?” They find out what it is they need and go get it off the shelf. In many cases you might ask them for advice, assuming they know something about the products that their shop sells. Other times you make your choice and they simply ring it up on the till as you checkout.

You came into the store looking for a solution to a problem, to fulfil a need, and they helped you find it!!

Would it help if you were only speaking with genuine business opportunity seekers? In today's economic climate there are many more such people all around us. As you talk with people any number of prospects volunteer themselves as wanting something you can provide - security and freedom!

All you have to do is share the information with them. Give them this e-book!

That is an awful lot different from going knocking on people’s door and trying to sell them something them have not even asked for…

So yes, Network Marketing today is selling, but it also provides solutions and helps meet people's needs, whether through the product itself or through the opportunity. And who would you most like to help? The internet also allows you to reach and teach people you could not previously reach.

With the mentoring that is involved it is less like being a door to door salesman and more like being a business consultant. Now that is a home-based business opportunity you can by happy to share...

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