Most Network Marketing Reviews Focus On How Individual Companies Perform...

Taking an objective look at the industry, given the potential for growth outlined in this book it is fair to say that it has so far underachieved compared to where it could be. But it still has made significant progress.

In the 50 years to the end of the last century it had grown to a USD $100 billion industry with tens of millions of participants worldwide, which is hardly a complete failure!

So WHY So Much Criticism?

Network Marketing is supposed to be all about duplication, and that is drummed into people who join –

“No need to re-invent the wheel”

“A proven system…”

“Invite people to the meetings and we will train them”

Some companies even encouraged their people to say as little as possible about the business until they could “hook” you at a meeting with how good the opportunity is – and get you excited about it. There may have been an attempt to manipulate the atmosphere and stoke you up with the promise that you could earn money quickly – even a blatant appeal to greed.

So with the opportunity being sold on excitement, you are then encouraged to approach people you know and enthusiastically invite them to meetings, or if you are working online to share your affiliate link with the promotional video that of course puts across how “exciting” the opportunity is.

The result has been lots of infuriating, excited people going around annoying others who they are trying to involve in their “scheme”. Who wants to duplicate that?

Today the distributors themselves tend to adopt a more sensible, low-key and professional approach and the video promotions have been tempered, perhaps focussing on the fear caused by economic uncertainty rather than appealing to greed.

The Next Big Thing

Teaching you to duplicate, rather than think for yourself, ensures that any evolution is slow, as change is discouraged. The things that put people off get duplicated and “The System” itself becomes its own obstacle to growth.

When a distributor looked to their sponsor or company for help they would be told “Work harder!”, “Do more!”, “Make more calls!”

Do more of what already was not as effective as it could be… Why not work smarter instead?

It helps if the product is good and provides value to you. The bottom line is, if it doesn’t give value then it won't work, though market forces will mean that those which do have something to offer will thrive.

There have been some programs that have had success in the shorter term where the “herd mentality” has been in evidence and large numbers of network marketers have switched to a new program as they chase the “Next Big Thing”. But rather than significant and sustained growth of the whole industry that is just the industry consuming itself….

To grow to its potential it must cast its net wider.

An Industry Feeding Upon Itself!

Clearly a significant number of people are enthusiastic about Network Marketing. . They have seen something they like about it and are striving to make it work.

But the industry as a whole has been guilty of feeding upon itself as people have move from one opportunity to another WITHIN the industry, rather than bringing in new people in large volumes. Fulfilling its potential means bridging the gap with the mainstream.

Naturally Network Marketing attracts entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers, those who are willing to try something new and different. To fulfil its potential it must reach out and appeal to the vast swathes of people who conform and follow fashion.

Couldn’t They Make It Easier?

Yes it could be made easier and that is the point of this e-book. The business is really very simple, but that does not mean it easy to explain or to rebut criticism.

Most companies are convinced that if you focus intensely enough and work hard enough you can succeed. They will point to their own successful people to prove it. They will only listen to winners and blank out the rest. After all the ones who haven’t made it are just whingers who don't try hard enough. Aren't they?

Special promotions and bonuses for achievers are given to incentivise, but it is really only helping (and paying) those who are already able to to get results. It is rather like putting a pot of gold at the top of a steep and difficult mountain, and to motivate you to climb it they put more and more gold into the pot.

It is a better idea instead to a make the journey easier, the mountain less steep, to carve out some steps or erect some ladders so that more people can get up it!

Now you can simply share this material which explains it all for you…

What About The Internet?

The internet is a powerful tool for providing information and connecting people and it can be used for getting leads in the “cold” market of people you don’t know yet. Some internet resources will really help to generate new leads and grow a business.

Some companies will provide an internet platform for you to help promote their products and business so pitching someone becomes just a matter of getting the video landing page in front of them so they can enter their details and sign up.

But getting leads is only the first stage. Leads need to become prospects, prospects need to become buying customers, who then if they become distributors need to duplicate the whole system and process.

Network Marketing then mutates into internet marketing as you try to generate traffic to your website, and that is actually far more technical and challenging than just talking to someone!

Many network marketers jump on board new internet programs as they are promised “spillover” to fill their organisations only to find that unless they sponsor people themselves they don’t get paid a great deal. It means the successful ones are those who have internet marketing skills and systems to get the sign-ups, and there is no real duplication.

A lot of long-time-frustrated network marketers jump on board as they are promised spillover to fill their organisations only to find that unless they do sponsor people themselves they don’t get paid a great deal. It thus reverts back to those who have internet marketing skills and systems, or invest in them, who get the sign-ups and the money and there is no real duplication.

The result is even more churn as people try out one program… then another… then another…And so it goes on!


The growth of Social Network sites like Facebook and Twitter provide new ways of connecting with people, keeping in touch and making new friends but spamming people about your business is just going to get you unfriended or blocked. It is important, just as it is with face-to-face marketing to have a rapport with the people you are talking to.

Network Marketing is not about making fast, easy money, it is about building a long-term residual income and it requires patience and diligence.

Reviews of the Network Marketing industry are usually very subjective, and will either try to sell up the industry or knock it down.

Imagine though where the industry would be if everyone who had ever signed up for an opportunity lined up and enrolled in an orderly sequence. The momentum would be unstoppable and the skeptical mainstream would have to sit up and take notice.

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