What Is Different About Network Marketing Prospecting?

So what is different about Network Marketing prospecting from ordinary sales prospecting?

Aren't you selling a product to people? Well yes, though there is even debate about that in the industry. Some people still use the word "sharing".

Isn't it all about recruiting people to sell for you so that you can make money from them? That would make it a recruiting business rather than sales!

But no, recruiting them would mean they work for you, and they don't. They work for themselves.

Some people are clueless about Network Marketing and have no desire to find out. That is fine. It isn't about persuasion either.

No wonder people get confused about it!

The Difference Is The Prospects Are Not Just "End Consumers"

Well, some of them are. Even if they came into it wanting to make money from home some people just consume a monthly volume or use the service and are happy with that. (If the product is really good there are people just interested in the product who join to get a discounted price).

If you are interested in building you Network Marketing business, though, you will want to find people who are interested in homebased business opportunities.

People who are interested in how to build wealth.

And if they don't yet know how to do that we can to teach them.

Aha. That's The Answer!

Network Marketing prospecting is about:

First - Sorting

Or "qualifying" your prospects. The best advice about Network Marketing anyone could give is not to waste time and effort chasing people - friends, family, strangers - who you have to sell to or persuade to join your company. Just find people who already want to know. Develop your own online lead capture system but I would always say beware of buying leads.

Second - Teaching or Mentoring

And there is such a lot to teach!

  • the products, company and compensation plan
  • the admin - how to order, fill in enrolment forms etc
  • how Network Marketing works
  • how to prospect
  • how to set and manifest goals
  • how to be comfortable with and around money
  • and then when we know these things ourselves we have to teach ...

  • how to teach all this to someone else!
And most people who are trying to do this may have received very little business coaching or mentoring themselves, yet alone be able to mentor and teach others.

No wonder so many people struggle as they go into the business or meeting with a traditional "selling" mindset. Network Marketing prospecting is about nurturing and it is not surprising that nurses, teachers, and moms make the best network marketers because of their caring and nurturing abilities.

Your company should provide you adequate information and material on their own products and procedures.

We can help you with the last five on the list with more than just a few motivational quotes. Here we have tools for Network Marketers and MLM tips that will help you with building your residual income.

Training Your Prospects - What do you do with qualified leads. Become a good MLM trainer

How do you get more results in MLM without going crazy?

What Is a "Qualified" Lead? and how do you get them.

Tools and Resources to Generate Leads that will get your business started.

Help Your Enrolees Build a Downline - A step by step approach that misses out cold-calling and rejection.

Leadership Principles - The qualities and attributes you need for building your Network Marketing business and developing a strong and successful downline.

The Way Forward – Download our textbook explanation of Network Marketing. No hype. Clear and concise in a way that new people can easily understand with the formula for your success.

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