Qualifying Your Network Marketing Leads

You’ve signed the form, purchased product and now you are out to enrol the world….

You need to find leads, Network Marketing leads. Without them you will go nowhere fast.

But you don’t know where to start? How do you find the sort of prospects you really want?

Your company tells you that “everyone who washes” is a prospect for their soap, so go out and get them.

You go to your uncle who is in sales, your sister who tries anything to improve her skin, or to mom and dad because they support you in anything you do!

Well they may well let you give them the sales presentation out of love and respect for you, but they are what are called unqualified leads. They did not express an interest in the products you are selling or the company you are representing.

You went to them.

There is a chance that you can convert them. More likely, especially when you go to a wider circle of people, you will face rejection.

Nobody likes rejection!

That is probably the biggest single factor that makes people drop out of Network Marketing. You are told to go share a wonderful opportunity with people you know, and are pushed back by people whose relationship you value.

Guess what. You are talking to the wrong people - or perhaps are with the wrong company selling the wrong products!

So Do You Have to Pitch Strangers?

Not exactly.

There are hundreds and thousands, even millions of people out there who have a problem, a need or an unfulfilled desire. And you have a solution.

People want more time with their family, they want more money, they may have a condition that your product will fix or save them money on something they already buy.

They will not actually care about your company or the amazing compensation plan. What they want to know is what is in it for them. They care about finding a solution to their problem.

And not surprisingly they have started looking for solutions.

The place today people look for information, for cures, for solutions is usually the internet.

Someone who has requested information from a website about a particular topic has become a qualified lead.They have shown they are interested already an want to know more.

They came to you.

Of course if they do not even know the solution exists then are not going to be looking for it - but they will recognise it when they see or hear about it, so keep on qualifying prospects offline too.

Should You Buy Qualified Network Marketing Leads?

You have two choices. Buy them, or generate your own!

There is a huge market on the internet for leads, but the advice I would give is simply do not buy them from anyone you don’t know. You don’t know where they came from…

Many lists of bulk e-mail leads are results from spiders – software programs that scour the internet and websites for information and e-mail accounts.

Ever wondered where spammers got your e-mail address from? Most likely from some form you completed online that has been spidered.

Business opportunity leads and home based business leads may have been harvested from and online survey. They may not only be several months old but can have been sold over and over again to different people.

By the time you contact them they may have forgotten the survey or be so fed up with calls about a new business opportunity that they quickly hang up.

Leads can also be very expensive. Supposedly fresh (very recently generated), qualified (have registered an interest…), targeted (...in your product or opportunity) can be sold for $20 plus EACH!

Whatever assurances the lead seller has given you about these leads you just cannot be sure.

“Free leads”, and especially free network marketing leads that have been pitched over and over, are going to be worth exactly what you paid for them.

And all you end up doing is cold calling. This time with strangers.

Beware of being enticed into buying leads because you really cannot be sure where they came from...

Do Your Own MLM Lead Generation.

Happily, you can produce your own Network Marketing Leads, both online and offline.

Thankfully there are tools and resources available that will give step by step instructions and guidance so that even the most non-technical people can set up their own website and generate their own leads.

And in the meantime you yourself will have been someone’s qualified lead. If you have enrolled with someone through the internet then you will have been through an online prospecting system that works.

That means that you will know someone who can supply good quality qualified leads to you. Someone who has your success and best interest at heart

Your Sponsor!

Even on the internet teamwork will produce better, quicker results in Network Marketing.

Offline a simply questionnaire should suffice to qualify leads. If you are providing a solution for someone's problems then questions could be asked that will have your prospect answering yes - which means when you show them your solution they have already agreed that it is what they want...

The natural next step is for them to buy it!

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