So, Is The MLM Home Based Business Opportunity a Dream Or a Delusion?

The very mention of a network marketing, or MLM home based business opportunity can stimulate some extreme responses from people – fanatical support or loathing. It has been a business that is known for both good and bad with only occasional indifference.

Why The Extremes?

Historically there has been a high failure rate for people trying out this business, and yet many people will try over and over again to get going with yet another company.

Clearly there is something good that attracts people to it and keeps them coming back for more. What is it that they can see in the business that others cannot?

Are they so fixated with the desire to make quick cash or the mad money that is promised them that they put it above all else – or is there more to it?

Yet for other people an MLM home based business is something sinister to be avoided. They've seen failures. They've heard bad things about pyramid schemes. They've see people who they care about having their hopes raised and then dashed. They conclude that it is a scam.

Or they have been irritated to the point of distraction by a (former) friend or an annoying relative who has persistently tried to foist their opportunity upon them.

You can hear them say, “Which part of ‘No!’ Don’t you get?”

When the product or service really is that good then maybe it's just how we ask, rather than what we say...

So Which Is It, Dream Or Delusion?

….and what about you?

Can you see the potential and have you witnessed or even tasted some success? Do you believe that there is more to it than just the money?

Have you tried to explain how MLM works but found yourself tongue-tied, or worse, simply got into an argument about it?

There are so many questions about what is a very simple business idea!

There are such genuinely good opportunities out there surely they are not all too good to be true?

We can have a look at the reality of where the industry is now and how it got there. Then we can explore the future possibilities, examine its potential and even find a way of explaining it so that people will “Get It”!

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