MLM Downline Building Starts With One Enrolment!

If you want to create residual income then in MLM downline building is imperative and starts with just one enrolment.

Starting a small business can be very exciting and a new enrollee will have a natural enthusiasm you can tap into. The first year in Network Marketing is a significant learning and growth period as you come out of your comfort zone and have new experiences.

Your company may offer organizational leadership training but it is usually reserved for those who have already shown an aptitude and had some Network Marketing success. The best MLM training needs to be available to new enrollees too!

Companies who are focusing on traditional methods will have you practice telephone approaches and start listbuilding. That works for some, particularly where you really do believe in the benefits and value your product or service is offering.

The way using modern technology is INTERNETwork Marketing , meaning that you start an online business. This has the advantage that it can reach an almost unlimited audience but can be a little daunting if you feel you are not internet savvy

Back to MLM downline building, which is what building your Network Marketing business is all about….

What Are The Steps?

If you are the new enrollee then take responsibility for taking the steps. If you are the sponsor then once your enrollee has submitted their form and bought some product encourage them to be proactive. Help them through the steps below.

  1. Welcome them. Let them know they are not alone and there is support for them if they want it. Introduce them to upline team members if they want, but do not overwhelm them or smother them.
  2. Get them involved immediately. Help them to generate leads, or if you can, supply them. The sooner they are enrolling the sooner they begin to earn money and gain confidence in the program and the system.
  3. Do they understand Network Marketing and the long term aim of building residual income? Suggest that they download and read “The Secret Formula” which explains it clearly and succinctly
  4. Introduce any RELEVANT material from the company – the website, product information, compensation plan etc.

    If you have a product and service that is good enough that you want to share without being concerned about rejection, then go right ahead!

  5. Nail the “WHY”. If your enrollee wants to share their motive with you it is a good thing. Stating the goal out loud brings some accountability, and you can remind them of it if they meet challenges. Show them the goal-setting exercise to focus their thoughts on what they want.
  6. Have your enrollee read “The Science of Getting Rich” – a free e-book. Among other things it explains how we are all entitled to be rich and helps us over any negative feeling we might have about money.
  7. Ideally your enrollee will also take the Practical Genius’s Course that is available on the Science of Getting Rich website. It is as good a course as exists on attracting wealth into your life. It is a real eye-opener.

  8. If your prospect wants to build an online business then help them with their prospecting system to drive MLM downline building. A simple step to start is to get some leads from a reputable source like MyLeadCompany.

  9. Just signing someone up and not offering the tools they need to achieve their goals is like asking them to build a sky-scraper with a shovel. Continue to support and be available. Return calls and e-mails promptly and develop good leadership habits.
Doing these things will take a number of weeks or even months to do. There is no escaping the fact that it will need commitment and time, maybe an hour or so a day for the new enrollee.

It will take persistence and a determined mindset to focus on the vision of the goal.

But your enrollee is getting free MLM tips and their mentoring for free, their own Network Marketing coach - YOU!

MLM downline building could even be fun!!

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