Practice Manifesting Money and Then Spending It All In The "Money Game"

If you are manifesting money using Law of Attraction techniques then it is important to be comfortable around money. Unfortunately we are often taught the negative connotations about money – that rich people are greedy and being rich is associated with “filthy”.

Because of that we might subconsciously reject opportunities to increase our wealth, or even actually be afraid of having money.

These are things we have to overcome in reality, but a great way of getting used to manifesting money and attracting wealth is to pretend!

Playing the “Money Game” can help develop a positive vibration about money.

As well as helping you learn to enjoy money it also helps you become attuned to the Law of Abundance – the recognition that there is abundance rather than scarcity and that you having something does not deprive someone else. There is plenty to go around.

I have played this game a few times and particularly the last time some interesting things happened. I will talk about them later, but first the game…

The Money Game

What you do is you set up an imaginary bank account.

Keep records of your transactions either in a book or on a spreadsheet.

You can make the experience seem very real by using a check book from old unused bank account and real paying in slips, which you can usually get them from a bank or an old paying in book.

Try to make the process as realistic as possible.

On Day 1 you deposit $1,000, or an equivalent, into your bank account.

Then you spend it. All of it, or as much as you can. It could be on one thing or a few smaller things, but write out the checks, record the deposit and the payment.

Have fun with what you spend the money on, whether it is on yourself, your family or your home. When you write the record of what you buy be as descriptive as possible, and imagine it coming into your possession.

Carry forward anything that is left over to the next day, but try to spend it all because…

On Day 2 you deposit $2,000
On Day 3 you deposit $3,000

And so on….

When you are on day 50 you deposit $50,000.

Don’t stop until you have bought everything you could ever dream of having.

If you did this exercise every day for a year you would have been manifesting money in your mind to the tune of $66 million. Play the game properly and you will feel like those cash money millionaires you read about in OK Magazine. Wealth beyond reason!

The longest I have ever managed to keep going is about 80 days.

Getting Used to Manifesting Money

What you will find is that after a few weeks you really have to think hard and concentrate to spend that much money. In so doing you have to use your imagination in a focussed way and helps you to attune yourself, your belief system to having abundant wealth.

It will also help with overcoming fear around money – you don’t have to worry. After all you are only pretending, right?

Actually the Universe only responds to your vibration. It does not care whether you are only imagining it or if it is real. When you do the exercise do it with a light, fun attitude. Be relaxed. It is important to focus on what you want and not the lack of having it. Enjoy exploring the possibilities in your mind.

As you continue you will find that any number of things you have focussed on might manifest, as well as actually manifesting money and improving your financial situation.

It does not necessarily mean that money manifests itself out of nowhere, but money making opportunities may become apparent or you find how to build wealth in other ways.

Personal Experiences

An example of something from my own experience, one thing I wanted to get was a new mobile phone. I had a very basic, but old fashioned one and the battery stopped holding its charge for any length of time.

Because of the way I use it my bill was rarely over £15 a month.

It had been a while, probably 4 or 5 years since I’d changed my phone. I went into the shop and asked to swap it for a similar one.

The very helpful sales assistant pointed me towards some of their offers and I walked out having signed on a £15 a month package – with a free new mobile phone that retails at about £180 included. A brand new flashy phone that effectively cost me nothing.

We also wanted to get a new fence across the bottom of our garden, an outlay of a few hundred pounds.

The occupier of the property adjoining the bottom of our garden passed away and the council came in to start clearing up the plot, and guess what - they put up the fence!!

These examples are not huge amounts but significance was that they were on my list of things purchased. I asked for them.

The "Money Game" will attune you to manifesting money. You may not turn into a money magnet overnight, but you will stumble across such things as where you save money and other opportunities to manifest money. It is a fun way to get used to having it.

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