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Business Mentoring & Coaching

Redshots - Successful business people working with CEOs, board members and professional practice partners to deliver first-class business results, faster.

Life Coach Magazine - Magazine aimed towards people who want to make life changes, and who are in the process of transforming the way they think and take action in their lives. Offers articles, news, inspirational quotes and personal stories relevant to setting and achieving goals.

Physical Health and Fitness

Expert advice and motivation for physical fitness - Physical health and wellbeing is as important as mental and emotional health. The body is an holistic organism and treating it right with a proper diet and effective exercise will have positive knock on effects in other areas of your life : your ability to work and concentrate, to relate and socialise, to sleep. Ultimately it will enhance your ability to achieve goals in all areas of your life. Masters Personal Training provides instruction and motivation and a tailored regime assist you in meeting your goals.

Leadership & Personal Development

Be Master of Your Life - This free Master Course in Personal Development will teach you how to become Master of all dimensions of your life including: Self Awareness, Health, Relationships, Abundance and Success.

Winston Churchill Leadership - Site that examines his life and leadership style.

Starting a Small Business

Marketing resources Center - A free site for comprehensive small business marketing information and advice. Features a variety of articles and tips on subjects including: business and marketing strategy; website development; starting a business; advertising; financing; and more.

Law of Attraction Sites

Mindbridge-LoA - Law of Attraction compendium and other Laws of the Universe necessary for abundance, peace and happiness. This is an educational site, summarizing the work of the masters and current teachers.

Tools For Abundance - Site offers access to the tools, techniques, and ideas to help create abundance in every aspect of life. Access many free product downloads, articles and the latest eProgram, “Discover Your Potential”.

Motivational Quotes

Beyond the Quote - contains a collection of motivational & inspirational quotes that are each accompanied by unique and descriptive meanings to help enhance each.

Inspiring quotes and stories - Help to become a better person. Subscribe to inspirational quotes, quotations, poems and poetry, stories for inspiration and motivation to overcome negative thoughts.

Online Financial Wealth

How to Make Money Online - Go to Billion Dollar Income for a daily dose of inspiration on your road to financial freedom. Maintained by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, financial strategists and teachers of The Secret, Billion Dollar Income has a wealth of resources and strategies on making money online to financial freedom.

Website Promotion

Submit site web directory - A website directory to submit your site to to get visibility on the web.

Free Web World Directory AskDirectory.Com SEO friendly web world directory organized by topic into categories and presented according to relevance of website. Submit your website free.

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