What Have Leadership Principles Got To Do With Sponsoring?

Why is there an emphasis on leadership principles when we are selling product?

Well, because that is not all we do. To be successful in MLM you will need to teach, train and motivate your people. Or in other words - lead them!

It has been suggested in the traditional way of doing network marketing that it is a numbers game, which is the same way people see sales. The more pitches you make, the more chances of getting a yes.

The only problem is that they also said you should talk with your warm market. First of all that might run out before you get a yes. Secondly people do not like being treated as a number. It is offensive. More so when you are talking about people who are you friends and family.

People are not numbers. They have aspirations and desires and if you treat people without proper respect they will soon go away.

Network Marketing is about teaching and mentoring, or leading and guiding - and teaching others the same leadership principles.

In this context here is an interesting leadership quote:

John F. Kennedy - "Courage - not complacency - is our need today. Leadership not salesmanship." -

A Real Leader Is A Mentor With A Servants's Heart

A website about MLM may seem an odd place to find a picture of Jesus but it here to illustrate the point.

Whatever your religious beliefs you will be able to relate to the story of Jesus, before the Last Supper, performing what could be seen as the very demeaning act of washing the feet of his disciples.

He was a great leader and teacher, but what he is showing us is that leaders are the servants of the people and should not be puffed-up or egotistical.(Oh that modern politicians would remember that!!)

We need to lose the focus on money and greed and actually serve others by helping, or mentoring, them to their success.

As a Network Marketing coach you will need to pass on advice about Network Marketing and mentor people to MLM success.

Is Leadership Ability Nature Or Nurture?

There are countless leadership books that argue for one or the other, but the consensus is - both!

While you are born with certain talents and abilities you can develop new attributes, including leadership skills. There is a whole industry devoted to personal development which aims to persuade us we can change and grow.

In the example of Jesus as a leader, He taught that one of our purposes is to strive to be the best we can be and develop our talents. It would not be expected of us if we couldn't.

One particular place where a great emphasis is put on leadership is in the military....

US Army's Eleven Leadership Principles

  1. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions
  2. Know yourself and seek self-improvement.
  3. Set the example.
  4. Keep everyone informed.
  5. Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates.
  6. Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished.
  7. Know your men and women, and look after their welfare.
  8. Set goals you can reach.
  9. Make sound and timely decisions.
  10. Know your job.
  11. Promote and use teamwork.

These could be applied to good effect in any organisation. In your Network Marketing business where you are teaching people to be leaders they are particularly relevant.

Traits of A Good Leader

Leadership principles and leadership theory have been studied exhaustively by academics and many leadership books have been written (eg Steven Covey's "Principle Centred Leadership" )

Commonly they identify the traits and characteristics of good leaders:

  • Honesty - Display sincerity, integrity, and candor in all your actions. Deceptive behavior will not inspire trust.
  • Competent - Your actions should be based on reason and moral principles. Do not make decisions based on childlike emotional desires or feelings.
  • Forward-looking - Set goals and have a vision of the future. The vision must be owned throughout the organization. Effective leaders envision what they want and how to get it. They habitually pick priorities stemming from their basic values.
  • Inspiring - Display confidence in all that you do. By showing endurance in mental, physical, and spiritual stamina, you will inspire others to reach for new heights. Take charge when necessary.
  • Intelligent - Read, study, and seek challenging assignments.
  • Fair-minded - Show fair treatment to all people. Prejudice is the enemy of justice. Display empathy by being sensitive to the feelings, values, interests, and well-being of others.
  • Broad-minded - Seek out diversity.
  • Courageous - Have the perseverance to accomplish a goal, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Display a confident calmness when under stress.
  • Straightforward - Use sound judgment to make a good decisions at the right time.
  • Imaginative - Make timely and appropriate changes in your thinking, plans, and methods. Show creativity by thinking of new and better goals, ideas, and solutions to problems. Be innovative!

It is impossible to be all things to all men (and women). We have to be fair to ourselves and not be overly self-critical.

Developing these characteristics can take a while, and there may be days when we feel we have not lived up to these principles.

This list is aspirational. It shows us what we should strive for and suggests areas where we can develop.

As we do strive to apply these leadership principles we will find many other opportunities coming to us as we grow out of our old circumstances and mindsets and move on into new - not just in business but all areas of our lives.

Keep a watch out for them!

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