What is the Secret For You to Get More Results in MLM?

Have you ever been to a meeting or been given a presentation and been told you will get more results in MLM the more effort you make and time you put in?

If you are a distributor were you asked how many hours you were willing to commit each week and told that the more hours you do the bigger your pay check would be?

Hmmm. There seems to be something slightly amiss there. That sounds like how it is when you clock on and off a shift…!

Surely the whole point of getting into business for yourself was to get away from the trade-off of hours for reward. For the mathematicians out there the earnings were supposed to be exponential, not linear…

Does this mean you have been led up the garden path?

Well, not entirely. In any endeavour if you work harder, if you put more into it you will get more out of it. It is the same if you want to get more results in mlm

But with Network Marketing have you ever witnessed where someone comes in and gets results straight away, without seemingly putting in that much effort?

Absolutely. There is no point in putting in hours and hours of work, using up what was your free time as well as what was your asleep time if what you are doing is not EFFECTIVE!

Hare vs Tortoise

Being effective will get more results in MLM than any amount of time and effort haranguing everyone you meet and going to every meeting that is held.

Typically Network Marketing companies encourage taking massive action, knowing that a few dynamic people can and will succeed. They encourage everyone to be hares in the race of the “Hare and the Tortoise”. But we all know who actually wins that race!

Compensation plans are structured to reward behaviour that the company is encouraging, so there will often be extra bonuses for those who have the salesmanship skills, or “the knack”, to be able to sign up new customers and/or distributors quickly. 4, 8 or more in a month. That, after all, is the point of being in Network Marketing business.

The problem is that such performance is rarely duplicated, or duplicable, by those they enrol. Only very few succeed. Other people find it hard to keep up and so the feeling grows that they were exploited by the people that sponsored them who are now making money off them.

If everyone, instead of rushing and flailing around for a few months trying to achieve those targets instead set about consistently and persistently reaching smaller but achievable goals then the overall result will still be pretty incredible.

What is achievable?

Everyone who signs on as a distributor wants to get more results in mlm. But if you have to focus so much on the business that your whole life revolves around it then other people are going to be put off.

Let’s look at some numbers…

If you start in your business and the following month find just one customer then you’ve made a start. That should not be too much of a stretch.

If the following month you find another distributor – who will also be a customer of your organisation, then you have doubled your business in 2 months.

The following month you may just find another customer, and your new distributor will find his first customer.

The month after you find another distributor (who is also a customer) and your first distributor also find a distributor (who is also a customer in your downline!)

Then the next month you and each of your distributors find a single customer each.

With a worthwhile product or service that offers value to the customer that surely is not much of a stretch!!

After twelve months of finding one customer every alternate month and one distributor (who is also a customer!) on the other months, and teaching the distributors to do the same, how many customers will you have? 30, 40, 50 …?

The answer is over 100!!

That may not sound like many and you may not be lying on a beach somewhere living off the money, but it is about 95 more that most have. The problem is people try too hard and then give up too quickly.

If everyone in your organisation took a long term view and followed that sort of strategy – which is achievable; if everyone sensibly does a bit each month, you will double your business every two months.

What business would be delighted to double its turnover every two months???

Extrapolate those numbers and you find that in your second year you really start flying. Following that formula by the end of 24 months you have over 6,400 customers. By teaching something that is duplicable and possible to achieve without going crazy, you can get more results in MLM.

The tortoise can beat the hare.

To get a fuller and illustrated description of this principle go to The Way Forward and download our textbook explanation of Network Marketing. No hype, just clear and concisely written in a way that new people can easily understand the formula for your success.

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