What Is The Future Of Network Marketing? Will It Fulfill Its Potential Or Fade Like A Fad?

Despite a mixed press in the past there are now simply too many people involved with a stake in it for the future of Network marketing to be in any doubt. As well as the millions of people actively involved on the ground there are many influential and prominent business leaders who endorse it.

Steven Covey (author of “7 Habits of Highly effective People”): "I think this industry has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it is a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people. It offers them more freedom.”

...and that is what more and more people are seeking - Freedom!

Who are the winners in the corporate world? There may be a few at the top of the "pyramid" who earn exceptional amounts. Most people are paid just enough to keep them where they are and stop them from moving. You are not paid what they are worth and progress is restricted by limited opportunities.

(Hang on! Isn’t that pyramid accusation usually leveled at Network Marketing?)

How often do you hear conversations at the water cooler in the office where people say how content and fulfilled they are in their work and how they just cannot wait to get in in the morning?

Looking For Alternatives

Disgruntled people will look around. So will those who have to look for another income source when their primary income has suddenly disappeared. That is a serious risk as we feel the effects of economic downturns.

Starting any new business has risks but with traditional business even a cheap franchise needs a 5 figure investment.

Network Marketing is a ready-made business that you can usually start for under USD$100. On the scale of "business risk" it simply does not register.

Unfortunately the whole corporate system that has evolved, which we have inherited from the industrial revolution, is designed to keep people in their place - and economic downturns have shown that loyalty is strictly one-way!

Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) “This industry offers a ready-made business system for anyone wanting to take control of their financial future.”

Almost despite itself, the Network Marketing industry is adapting and changing - gradually. The internet has made information freely available and people (just as you will have done) do searches to find things out.

You don't have to leave your home to see a presentation. It can go straight to your PC. Doing the business suddenly becomes much easier. Through the web you can also reach around the world. Building a truly global business is possible for anyone.

As people understand better how and why it works, and it relies less on hype and "getting excited", it interests more and more people. The future of Network Marketing lies in attracting those very people who are looking for the alternatives we talked about above...

Will Everybody Be Doing It?

Probably not. Even after over 50 years there is still only a tiny proportion of people active in the business. At current growth rates of around 10% a year that will take 7 years to double. But there may well be a significant enough number of people to have a serious social impact.

If you look at social trends there is what has been called a “tipping point” which is "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable."

At the moment we could probably say that the overall attitude towards Network Marketing hovers between a restrained tolerance and a tacit acceptance.

Somewhere around acceptance is a tipping point that will move the perception of the business through being a trendy fad to being fashionable an on to being mainstream.

With economic climate being what it is people are by necessity looking at alternatives. Jobs are no longer secure, pensions and nest-eggs are threatened by financial turmoil. People who rejected it before are looking again at network marketing.

Could is be that the future of Network Marketing lies in the ordinary - it becomes just the way things are done.

The Future of Network Marketing Predicted...

Wallace Wattles (author of "The Science of Getting Rich")"Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, et al., have been .... agents .....in the necessary work of systematizing and organizing productive industry…. But their day is nearly over. They have organized production and will soon be succeeded by the agents of the multitude, who will organize the machinery of distribution."

This was written in 1910, long before the first company began operations. Far-sighted people saw the need for continual change and development in our society, and Wattles even anticipated how it might happen.

How Will The Future Of Network Marketing Impact On Us?

We can only speculate, but there are a few implications. Perhaps not everyone will be able to attain a level of financial independence, but many will be able to make a significant supplementary income.

• People will do work they choose and not be driven by economic necessity.

• Employers will need to improve how they treat their staff in order to retain them.

• It is likely to be taken up by those who strive to improve their lives anyway, and are willing to take action and grow personally

• Some people will be left behind and may be even more negative about it!

Imagine where the industry would be if everyone who had ever signed up for an opportunity lined up and enrolled in an orderly sequence. The momentum would be unstoppable and the sceptical mainstream would have to sit up and take notice.

That would certainly cause a stir!

The future of Network Marketing is really down to us, the participants.

It is you and I that can take it forward, hasten change and reap the benefits.

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