What Products Offer The Best Network Marketing Opportunity For You?

Identifying what products will make the best Network Marketing opportunity for you simply depends on you - because you will be a product of the products!

The best advice we could give about Network Marketing is find products that you would use as a consumer regardless of any business opportunity. You need to be your own best customer.

An obvious example is if you are a follically-challenged forty-something male (like me) a range of haircare and beauty products really may not be best suited for you ... but if you enjoyed working out 4 or 5 times a week then sports and nutritional supplements would.

As a family you can market a fuller range of products some of which each family member may enjoy using. So the broader the range the better, provided there is no compromise on quality.

And there must be a USP - a unique selling point - something that sets the brand or range apart from the others. You can get any run-of-the-mill products in the shops!

Companies will understandably have an exclusion clause in their terms to say that you cannot market a competitor's products, but can you market something else unrelated? Should you only be with one company?

We will discuss that a little later.

What Do You Need To See In A Product?

When we see something we want it is all too tempting to assume that everyone else wants it too. They don't necessarily. If you want to join a company just to get the wholesale price on a particular product you love there is nothing wrong with that.

But be wary of products which are for too small a niche, or companies that rely on just a single "magical" product. Just how much of their juice can you drink in month?

You are not likely to convert everyone to an amazing new wonder health product, so it might be better to find a superior and better value product that people are already using.

The point is to have a large number of people involved and the best Network Marketing opportunity will reflect that. The more universally used the product range is the better so look out for opportunities that use new communication media like get paid to get texts.

What Products Are Sold in Network Marketing?

The list is growing continually!

A quick scan of a list of Network Marketing companies and the markets they operate in shows that about 80% of them are in the health and beauty products market.

Hardly surprising as this is a fast growing market.

There will usually be a "natural" and "eco-friendly" slant - which again are growing niches.

You can choose from among:

  • Health supplements
  • Beauty products (haircare, skincare & cosmetics)
  • Household consumables (natural & "green")
  • "Eco" devices
  • Jewellery
  • Magnetic health devices
  • Books
  • Specialist snacks
  • Personal development courses (often online)
  • Craft (candle making, scrapbooking)
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities
  • Travel & ticketing

Companies are experimenting with many products and commodities, but some work better with Network Marketing than others.

You may also want to think about whether and how you will market offline. Just because you are following internet marketing strategies it does not mean you cannot do anything offline.

For example some products are particularly good for home party plans and do work well the "traditional" way with showing it to friends and family.

So Look Out For.....

To rank as the best Network Marketing opportunity you will need to consider a few things about the product a company offers.

  • Are they universal - does everyone use them?
  • Are they consumable - will you need to top up?
  • Is there a sufficient range and variety?
  • Are they effective and do they give value for money?
  • Do they have a no fuss money back guarantee?
  • Does the company manufacture them - is the source secure?

If you can tick off all of these then there will not be a problem. The fewer ticks the more you should think about it....

We can recommend some free MLMs and low cost starters if you are dipping a toe in the water.

Overall if you have a good product which will bring repeat sales then you are on your way to your vision of building residual income from home.

...and in answer the question about whether you can be with more than one program at a time we can ask another question - What's to stop you?

Have a look at "The Way Forward". Once you have a network that understands the business then it is not an issue...

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