Best Network Marketing Companies - How Do You Spot Them?

When there is a choice of hundreds all claiming to offer the best opportunity, which are the best Network marketing companies?

Answer - The ones that offer you the best opportunity for success…

There are certain criteria that you should look out for in a company to even consider joining it.

If you are already with a company it is likely that it chose you rather than you choosing it, or rather your sponsor did. A little time and effort on due diligence to find out more about the company now can save you a lot of heartache, time and possibly money, later on.

Is It Financially Sound?

The 5 Year Rule

How long has the company been around? Most MLM start-ups fail in the first 2 years. A new startup company will make a lot of there being a "ground floor" opportunity and the need to be in at the start, but a track record of 5 years will ensure they are over any teething problems and have established a brand.

Of course if everyone were only to join companies that have been trading for over 5 years then no new company would be able to get a foothold. If you are invited to join a newer company and are “in at the start” the risks are greater but possibly so are the rewards. Make sure the product is very special and worth any additional risk.

Growing Turnover

Are sales increasing year on year? Not much point in joining if they are not!


You do not have to be a financial expert in business profitability. Just ask if the company owes money to anyone. Cash should be generated from sales rather than borrowed and the best Network Marketing companies will be completely debt-free.

Obtaining financial information is easier for a listed company than a private company but if they can show a five year solid growth track-record it should be enough to allay any fears.

Without that track record then make sure that it has adequate capitalization (money) by doing credit checks and searches.

Sound Management?

Are they ethical and do they display integrity?

You may need a little intuition and judgement here. Your sponsor may have the best will in the world and be integrity personified, but you need to see the company management display the same honesty.

  • Do they honour the no-quibble guarantee?
  • Do they "hype" the meetings?
  • Is the focus primarily on making money or the strength of the product?
  • Are they registered with the Direct Selling Association?
  • Are they transparent about earnings?
You must feel comfortable that the company management and distributors are open and forthcoming, willing to answer questions and consistent in what they say. A good company treats you with respect and as part of a team, interested in your wellbeing and success.

You are after all a paying customer.

International Presence.

A market of 6 billion people has more potential than a market of a couple of hundred million!

Some products and services will only be relevant to the company's country of origin, or limited by legal or geographic constraints. For example utilities or health insurance will be difficult to roll out internationally.

No matter. The business will still be more than viable within a limited geographic market such as the US, or Australia, or Europe, or wherever. You should only need a few thousand in a network for a very significant income - not millions.

Many companies operating primarily offline do not necessarily highlight or promote the global aspect too much even if they have a worldwide presence.

For them while international sponsorship is an option for distributors the traditional model of approaching your warm market will tend to limit prospecting to your local markets.

BUT if you do tap into the power of the internet then Network Marketing is a supreme online business opportunity without frontiers.

The best Network Marketing companies will see the big picture and be expanding internationally ... it is worthwhile seeking them out.

Other Things to Consider...

... when assessing the best Network Marketing company.

The products and the type of compensation plan are important enough and demand enough thought to have a separate pages to themselves.

Another thing that may concern you is the level of support that the company gives distributors.

Assuming the company provides good quality catalogues and brochures, and has a sound logistical system for delivering the right goods to the right place, what more do you want the company to do?

Do the best Network Marketing companies give the best training?

The company should give training on its own products: the technical details as well as their features and benefits, and on their own compensation plan.

With the Network Marketing training, though, you may find that you don’t necessarily want follow blindly their approach. Cultures are different and a US owned company may try to teach what works in the US but does not necessarily go down well in other countries..

How will they motivate you?

Well they may arrange meetings which provide opportunities for some good group therapy!

Also competitions and special incentives might add a little extra motivation too.

Even the best Network Marketing companies often see motivation as trying to get you to do more hours, not necessarily working more effectively. We advocate working smarter rather than harder.

Motivation comes from within and it is important that you have your own clear driver – your “Why” that you are working for.

Make sure you read the material available on this website and get a copy of "The Way Forward". Use the tools that are here. Then motivation will not be a problem.

We can recommend some free MLMs and low cost starters if you are dipping a toe in the water.

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