Give The Best MLM Training To Your Prospects

What do you do when you have some qualified leads?

You will want to give them the best MLM training you can.

OR what will you expect if you are a qualified lead, have expressed an interest and are expecting someone to be in touch? You would hope for the same!

As you can see, one is the mirror image of the other. Explaining what you should do as a sponsor is reflected by what you would expect if you had just enrolled….

I will write this assuming that you are now at the stage of enrolling other people.

When you sponsor someone it is not the end of the sale, it is only the beginning of a working relationship. To sponsor someone properly you have some responsibility to provide your enrollee with advice about Network Marketing, tools and resources to help with their MLM business.

You become a Network Marketing trainer.

You should provide the best MLM training that you can. Of course their success also depends on them taking responsibility for themselves too! (Just as you have done...)

If they ignore the advice or don’t do the things that they need to succeed then it is down to them.

If you are now enrolling people then chances are you have applied what you’ve learned.

Be The Teacher Giving MLM Lessons.

So, to answer the original question “What do you do once you have some qualified leads?”

If they have asked for more information or advice about Network Marketing, you give it to them!

If they have volunteered a phone number then call them. If the have said that they prefer you to e-mail them then e-mail them.

People are different and will move at different speeds, and also want to interact in different ways. You don’t have to force them all into your way of doing things but can accommodate the way they feel most comfortable.

(Though it is true that to find Network Marketing success they will in the end have to step out of their comfort zones, but that is a personal growth thing that will come and can happen gradually.)

Once contact is made you can establish what it is they are looking for and see if you can provide the solutions. As you get to know them you can determine whether your program, or programs, will fit with what they want.

Usually by the time someone has absorbed enough information about Network Marketing, and has asked you to contact them, and given you their contact details, you can be pretty confident that they are serious Network Marketing prospects.

They want to take the next step..!

This is where you now step up and become the teacher.

Your new enrollee may already be an experienced Network Marketer or this could be their first attempt to start an MLM business.

They may know the business inside-out but be looking for a new more dynamic program than the one they have been working at unsuccessfully. They may not need MLM lessons, just a decent product or service to market.

Or they could be a new joiner to the legions of people who start a home business each year and be looking for the best MLM training they can get.

What do you do with them? Exactly HOW do you be a good sponsor?

Building your Network Marketing business is done by helping others build theirs.

It is a step by step approach. First take the steps yourself and then guide other people to do the same …duplicate!

Use the tools and resources available and share them with your enrollees. Even share the ones you don;t use because you never know, they might be useful for someone else.

We are not all the same!

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