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Hi! My name is Darrin Hawkins. I live with my wonderful family and our assorted pets in a village west of London in the UK. We enjoy travel, sport and have a typically full and busy family life.

To tell you a bit about my career history, I graduated from University in 1987 with a degree in commerce after which I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in London. During my time in and around the City of London I became very aware of the shortcomings of corporate life - the competitive mentality, the profit at all costs, and the politics that drove it.

It was in 1990 that I had my first exposure to Network Marketing. The possibilities fascinated and excited me. I was drawn to it and even felt an obligation to and responsibility to tell others about it. Unfortunately that did not go down too well with the people I was "telling" and after initial success my endeavours floundered.

I investigated a number of other companies over then next 5 years or so and ultimately concluded that the plans I had seen were too flawed to work well. I had of course already used up any credibility with my then warm-market.

The ideas were put on the backburner and my focus became my new family.

In the meantime I preserved my independence and kept myself detached from the corporate-competitive-politicking by working as a contract/consultant accountant. I have had assignments with a number of Blue Chip companies doing technical accounting work for companies in a variety of industries.

I also ran a cost-management business for 5 years which gave me extensive and invaluable commercial and purchasing experience.

My aim has always been to provide the best and most effective solutions for the people I was working for without any alternative agenda.

Back to Network Marketing, one day my wife came home and announced that she had signed us up with a company and I thought, "Oh no! What has she done!"

Her initial reason was to take advantage of a special promotion they were doing that would allow her to see her favourite singer. But she also saw the potential in the business...

As I looked into it though I saw that a few things had changed since I was involved in Network Marketing before. The Plan was very different from those I'd seen before and a lot of other flaws had been removed.

This one could work...

We had some success and quickly grew a downline. We then came against the same challenges most Network Marketers do, and which are chronicled in Ann Seig's e-book.

When I read her book, and then "The Renegade Network Marketer" they really struck a chord with me. It actually came as great relief that not only were my experiences and frustrations shared, but also that there was an alternative way.

Having been a renegade from corporate all my working life I am comfortable with finding new ways of doing things. Since then I have found a program that I am delighted to share with friends and family because the benefits are just so obvious - and needed - that I cannot wait to get to people to tell them. That makes life a whole lot easier.

I was also fortunate to be able to work with a most excellent coach and mentor who introduced me to the Law of Attraction. By applying the principles I have been able to double my income and currently earn a good six figure income (in £ Sterling).

On a more personal note, my family are most important to me which means that I have always sought to attain a good work-life balance. That and my early corporate experiences tempered my ambitions to progress up the corporate ladder.

I believe that prosperity comes from the fruits of your labours through diligence and exercising integrity. The creation of wealth is not an end in itself but a by-product of applying correct principles that enhance all areas of life and well-being and not just the bank account.

I enjoy sports, participating and watching, but my favourite is rugby which I played with intensity until injury ended my serious participation. I still play occasional vets matches and try to stay fit enough to make a good contribution.

Participating in team sports helps you to learn to co-operate, support, encourage and sacrifice for others for a greater good and though winning is pleasurable the need to win in the sports arena needs to be put into perspective when you look at the trials some people face daily in the world.

Sometimes we find it difficult to get out of our comfort zones, but we need to to learn and grow. My experiences have led me to develop a great deal of faith from which I draw strength and occasionally inspiration. Through being regular church-goers we as a family also find that we are closer and better able to deal more effectively with the moral maze of modern life.

I hope that you find some new knowledge or inspiration from the material on this website and I wish you happiness and prosperity in and through your endeavours.

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Please also visit Giving Back for information about our charity to support schools in the Philippines.

Please do contact us to share any feedback or comments, views and ideas about this website, the Law of Attraction or Network Marketing.

Thank you for visiting.

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